Connecting with bluetooth device
The SOUNDJUMP when turned on will automatically connect with the last known device.

Connecting with another bluetooth enabled device
Hold the bluetooth button for 3 seconds to make the SOUNDJUMP discoverable.  

Auto turn off
The SOUNDJUMP will turn off automatically if left idle for 30 mins.

Charge time of the battery
Around 4-5 hrs using a 2A USB cable & power adapter (supplied with the SOUNDJUMP). Its a big battery.

How to charge the JUMPSIX battery
The JUMPSIX battery can be charged in the speaker with the USB cable plugged into the back or can be charged with the USB out of the speaker. 

Does the SOUNDJUMP work without the battery
The SOUNDJUMP will work without the battery but requires the 2A USB cable to be plugged into the included power adapter.

How long is the play time
The SOUNDJUMP is rated at 20hrs at 75% volume.
Going on a trip, 1 battery will last 20hrs, 2 batteries will last 40hrs etc. 

Is it waterproof
Your SOUNDJUMP is designed with an easy to replace battery and therefor not waterproof. 

The weight in
Weighting in at a hefty 1.3lbs (600 grams). The weight consist of mostly the 2 neodymium magnet drivers, 2 metal passive radiators, aluminum housing and the huge 6000 mAh lithium ion battery.

speaker: 7.2in x 3.2in x 1.6in (185mm x 85mm x 40mm)
battery: 3in x 1.7in x 1.6in (77mm x 44mm x 40mm)

What's in the box
SOUNDJUMP - 2A braided USB cable and a folding power adapter
JUMPSIX - 2A braided USB cable.