Started in New York and journeyed all the way to Hong Kong, MAQE (make) was a culmination of years of hard work by a passionate, dedicated group of designers, engineers, and artists. We believe that technology has given us the ability to live freer, exciting lives, especially when it comes to enjoying music. 

That’s why we set out to not only create unique, long-lasting audio products, we want to change the very way people use today's digital devices. This belief has lead us to create the SOUNDJUMP; a premium audio speaker that doesn’t have to be replaced with each new iteration of technology like every other mobile device in our lives today.

Our compact, portable, wireless speaker was designed to be perfectly balanced regardless of your listening preference. It also offers an innovative, intuitive battery solution for the minimalist in mind—all without compromising audio quality.

We believe in MAQE-ing more!